Empowering the lightworker

What is going on with me? I am struggling, and I am a lightworker!!!

 Evolution of the Lightworker

 lightworker shower  We are living on an earth of transformation on every level. We are expanding our knowledge on every level, and on a spiritual level there is an expansion also. You can feel it, even on some levels, see it. Letting go of old ideas and beliefs and exploring and accepting new ideas. And so, the ideas, concepts, and beliefs of the lightworker are also evolving. At one time there was only a few lightworkers, and their job was to heal individuals. Expanding the spiritual consciousness of individuals. And they did a great job. This enabled the spiritual energy to expand here on earth bringing everyone closer to a higher vibration. Which helps us to support our natural ascension process in the last 20 years.

The truth is that at this time in our spiritual development the seeds of a lightworker is planted in each and everyone of us. It is like an aspect of our soul that is in connection with the divine, that wants to expand and nourish healing. For some they are just beginning to see and feel this expansion. But for others we have been working on it for a long time. As humans we are all different and there is no hierarchy in the spiritual realm.

An old ideahealing hands

The old idea that we as lightworkers must physically heal everyone, all the time is no more. We are exhausted. It is time to come into alignment and take the pressure off. A lightworker on an Akashic perspective is someone who can see the light in the most difficult places. What is the light? The light is the divine loving characteristics that are expressed through a human. That means it must involve humans. So, within every event it is the lightworkers job to seek and find the true divine love with in the situation, no matter how good or horrific it is. This is where two universal laws come into play.

  1. “that what you seek, you will find”
  2. “that what you put your attention on will be magnified”

Role of the Lightworker

As a modern lightworker it is our job to seek the light in all situations and events, and that includes the people that have not been so nice to us (I am not saying we have to put ourselves in harms way. We do have to use common sense.) if you search for that Divine light or love, the universal law is you will find it. Once you get a glimpse of that Divine spark you naturally put your attention on it. At this point the second universal law will activate, and the love will be magnified and expanded. This is where the magic happens. When enough old soul lightworkers seek and put their attention on that Divine spark it is expanded so some of the newer lightworkers can find and put their attention on that light.

Now that divine love in that situation becomes so evident that even the newest of lightworkers can participate, creating a unity of Divine love and healing to the entire planet. With out totally draining any one person, leaving us the time and energy to grow spiritually. Creating healing on a universal level rather that on one person at a time. This is a very acarian concept that anyone of us can apply and be extremely successful.

The goal of the Lightworker

As Lightworkers we do not need to send healing energy, reiki energy or what ever modality you do. You just have to seek the light and put your attention on it, that will do the job just fine. Remember our number one goal when we came earth at this time was to be human. To grow into our own humanity as a spiritual being. It was not to heal the world all at once.


   question markQuestions you can ask in your Akashic Records or ask you intuition.

  • Is there anything I need to be aware of that is holding me back from being the best Lightworker I can be?
  • What is my next steps in becoming a lightworker?
  • How can I adjust my perception of the world, so I can see the Divine light in all situations?


Kevin Jackson

I have been studying Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies. I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Healer, Visionary and Advanced Certified Teacher. I have done hundreds of readings spanning the globe. It has been a privilege and I am excited to continue helping people around the world find a perspective from their soul level truth.

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