Akashic Records Book

What the Akashic Records are and some ways they are accessed.

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Empowering The Lightworker in You 


A balanced Ego is a beautiful asset 


Introducing the four elements, Earth,Water,Wind and Fire 


Looking at Past Lives through the Akashic Records 


Reclaiming your Authentic Self 

Self Awareness

Self Awareness through the Akashic Records 

self Abandonment


The Element of Earth

The Element of Earth 

element of water

Element of Water 

Looking at your Soul's Path

Three Ways to Know Your on Your Soul's Path

Welcome to this Site


Welcome to my blog. I have created this blog to empower you to view the world in a little different light. The Akashia is an ever-loving realm that is judgment free. If you can look out into the world using the Akashia as a lens to look through, you will notice how beautiful the world really is. My intentions for the information that I share is not the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” but rather just a new way to look at things. I strongly suggest that you do your own work and see where this universal knowledge fits in for your expansion.
If you have any suggestions for future blogs, I encourage you to send me a message in the contact                                                                                                               section at the bottom of the page.

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