Three Ways to Know Your on Your Soul’s Path

Looking at your Soul's Path

Sometimes we do not have the confidence of knowing if we are on our soul’s path. You may be feeling drained and unfulfilled or just uncertain.You are not alone. I have counselled many people lately struggling with this issue. They love their profession but feel they should be on a more spiritual path. This, is my personal experience with finding three ways to know if you’re on your soul’s path.

My Experience

In the past couple years, I have been doing a lot of studying and self evaluation into what is my soul’s purposes, wondering “how do I know them when I see them”. As you may know I received my Elite certification from Dr. Linda Howe to teach Discovering Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records. In this course we learn to clear old beliefs and blockages, so that we can step out into the world without getting overwhelmed and to be able to receive what the universe has to offer us freely. The realization that some of my beliefs were very outdated and in other areas I had blockages that did not allow me to be a free giver and receiver of what I had to offer the world.

My Gracious Advisers

   After substantial work I felt I should be able to have a definite plan for my life and things should be flowing easily. I was rather shocked and to tell you the truth, irritated that things where not falling into place the way I wanted them to. Once again, I start searching in my records, crying to my MTLO’s (Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones) “what is going on?” “Aren’t I on my soul’s path?” “If this isn’t my soul’s path then what am I supposed to be doing?” I was in turmoil. As usual the MTLO’s where very gracious and they listened without any judgment. Then they would reassure me it was all right and to carry on, I was doing what I am supposed to be doing. Let me say I was not really feeling very reassured, life should be easier than this. Shouldn’t it?

The truth of the matter is, this last year has been a wild ride of ups and downs, seasoned with lots of learning and putting into action what I teach. So, the big question is What is my Soul’s Path? and How do I know I am on it?

Buddhist on his soul's path

First Your Spiritual Soul’s Path

First, we must remember our soul is spiritual, so it only makes sense that our soul’s path is spiritual. Being spiritual you look within; when you are doing something how does it make you feel, does it make you happy, sad, loved, bitter or maybe nothing at all. If your feel nothing a all, it brings you no joy it is just a job.  

Second your Unique Soul’s Path

Secondly my soul is unique, there is no other soul in the universe that is the same as mine. That being said it is no better or worse than any other soul, it is just one of a kind. So, your soul’s path is unique to your soul. I can not walk on your path and you can not walk on mine. If we tried, we would not be happy at all, it would make us miserable.

Third Your Energized Soul’s Path

Third, being spiritual is empowering and energizing. Your soul’s path should energize you and not leave you drained and exhausted. I’m not  saying you don’t have to work at it but rather you will always have enough energy to get up in the morning and do the work that is needed.

After reflecting on these truths, I had to assess “How do they line up with my work in the Akashic Records?… And is teaching the Akashic Records a viable soul’s path?”

 I love working in the Akashic Records and teaching others how to do the same. It stimulates my inner being, makes me feel good, and I find it especially rewarding helping others.

Does What I am doing Make Me Happy?

You look at your soul’s path, how does what your doing or want to do make you feel? Do you love it or is it time to look at something different? Does it make you happy or does the thought of doing it fill you with dread and anxiety?

Do I want to Change What I am Doing?

Secondly, the way I teach and do readings is unique to me. I like to advance and grow, improving my practice and realize I have much to learn, but this does not stop me from sharing what I know today.

One must ask themselves am I always trying to change how I do things to be the same as other colleges? Or am I happy the way I am do things or learn things. Remember if your soul’s path is to heal people, there are many avenues you can go, a nurse, a doctor, a reiki practitioner, a natural path, so many. And they are all just as important as the next.

Am I Energized?

Lastly, when I do readings or teach a class it energizes me, I feel empowered on a soul level. That is not saying I don’t get tired but rather I always have enough energy to get up and step onto that plane or drive that distance.

Trust your soul’s path

Does what your doing energize you or does it deplete you. If you can not stay awake all night, then maybe a nurse is not on your soul’s path. maybe your path is a natural path, or if you don’t like doing a lot of studying maybe a Reiki practitioner is a better fit. Do you have the energy to take the next step?

We so often look at other people and think that they have the perfect soul’s path and we want what they have. The reality is if you love what you are doing, you strive to do it better and feel no need to change who you to do your job better. It energizes you and you are able to get the job done, then you are on your soul’s path. Our soul’s path is not always easy and yes it often makes us step out of our comfort zone. But we are always willing to do it to expand and learn. Enjoy your spiritual walk, we are complex humans, but our soul has the ability to extend grace to our human walk.

Questions to ask in your Akashic Records, or to your intuition.

question mark
  • Am I on my Soul’s Path? And if I am how can I feel more confident in what I am doing?
  • Does this carrier make me happy? Do I feel fulfilled on a human level?
  • Is this the right time to to be considering a move in what I am doing?
  • If I am to change what I am doing, what is my next best step to move forward? Do some research, take a course, talk to someone.

Your Next Step

If you want to explore how you can step out into the world on your soul’s path, I offer a in-person course called Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records through Dr. Linda Howe. To learn more about the Akashic Records check out my other blogs.


Kevin Jackson

I have been studying Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies. I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Healer, Visionary and Advanced Certified Teacher. I have done hundreds of readings spanning the globe. It has been a privilege and I am excited to continue helping people around the world find a perspective from their soul level truth.

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