Self awareness through the Akashic Records

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Self awareness through the Akashic Records

Self awareness through the Akashic Records is a perfect avenue for spiritual growth. By looking at who we are in relation to past experiences not only in this lifetime but also in previous lifetimes, can empower our awareness. This empowerment helps us to see our inherent perfection that has been covered up. By stepping closer to that awareness, we become more aware of the divine perfection that lies at the core of who we are.

How do we loss sight of our true self?

There are many situations and experiences that can lead to a loss of self. Maybe through the way that we are raised in our early years of development. This is where we get our first glimpse of our self value. Did your parents acknowledge your value? Sometime this was just a bad time to have a child and that was involuntarily transmitted to the young child. Or sometimes parents are so busy working to make a living that the child felt they had no value.

How we perceived the situation is what our mind believed as truth. We carry this all forward into adulthood. Comments and situations can all have an impact on how we view our self. Do we value ourselves enough to really put ourselves in the forefront of our contusions? Or are we so focused on ourselves that we can not be active in the world around us?

How do we become aware of our self?

girl in mirrorTo come into an awareness of our self, we must start looking at why we have stepped away from our self. What made it such a good idea that if I do not acknowledge my own true goodness that it would protect me in some way.

How do we do this? And where do we start looking? First, we need to ask our self what we know as truth about our self. Do I love myself just the way that I am? What do I like about myself and what don’t I like about myself? What do I need to improve and why do I need to improve this issue about myself?

Once you get an overview about your self, then you can start asking why you believe these things? And when was it a good idea to believe this about yourself?  Everything that happens to you can be used as an opportunity to discover your own true goodness. How has these events and experiences helped us to see our own perfection and reinforce our connection with the divine?  Use your Akashic records to dig deeper into your self awareness, this is a great resource for all things to do with your connection with your true self. Also, it can be very helpful if to have an Akashic Records Reading to take a deeper look at issues you might be experiencing.

In the next blog we are going to take a deeper look into self awareness around self abandonment. How it affects your life and why we take self abandonment on.


Questions to ask in your Akashic Records or ask your intuition.

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  • I am having issues with self worth, can you help me to define these issues a little better?
  • When was this issue with self worth a good idea to take on. It supported me in some way, how did it support me?
  • How has this issue helped me to see my own true goodness and perfection?
  • What can I do today to help me to see my own true self awareness?



Kevin Jackson

I have been studying Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies. I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Healer, Visionary and Advanced Certified Teacher. I have done hundreds of readings spanning the globe. It has been a privilege and I am excited to continue helping people around the world find a perspective from their soul level truth.

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