Past Lives through the Akashic Records

Looking at Past Live through the Akashic Records

past-livesWe are all influenced by our past lives in one way or another. They are what have brought us forward into this lifetime. It is through the Akashic Records that we can look at how past lives have influenced us in this lifetime in a positive or negative way.

Past lives through the Akashic Records

First, we must remember that we live in the here and now, and that is where the point of power is. The Akashic Records are a vibrational achieve of all our past lives. They contain the full story of every past life, everything that was thought, seen and felt. The purpose of all these lives are to give use different perspectives of lessons that we are learning. Some are very traumatic, others can be loving and then some have a whole combination of experiences.

As we go through these lifetime’s certain aspects of them can carry forward and influence us in this life. There are lots of stories about children talking about experiences they had in previous live’s. So, it makes sense that different unexplained fears and phobias can originate in past lives that we had tragic happenings. At the same time, we can remember very loving and empowering feelings from a past life. For example, if you go to a different country or town that you never been to. You immediately feel like you just came home, and you belong there. Having deja vu when you step into a really old place or a situation is another way to experience a past life.

Seeing life purpose and lessons

By going into a past life, we can look at life Purpose and life lessons that we have worked on, decisions that we have made and how they affected us in that life time. And, how those experiences are affecting us in this life time. This will give us some guidance on what must be done and adjusted so life can move along a little easier.

Looking at fears and phobias

Many times, people have very strong fears and phobias that are just unexplainable. They are very real to the person but make no sense in this life time. To gain relief from them we can ask within the Akashic Records and find out if they came from a past life. I had one client that had a real fear of traveling when it was snowing. Being from the north country where there is a lot of snow this was not a good thing. He had never no reason to be scared but non the less it was a real fear. Opening his Records, we discovered that in a past life he had been traveling and a snow storm came up. His whole family froze to death. This knowledge did not release the fear totally, but it did put it into perspective and was easier to deal with.

Relationships and past lives

covered-wagon-moving-westNot only can we look at fears and phobias in a past life. We can look at relationships with other people in this life time and how they are affecting us. Through out life we come into contact with so many different people. Consequently, there will be several people that you will have an issue with without any obvious reason. Strong dislikes or fears arise without explanation. These might be your intuition telling you to be careful or it might be someone from a past life. Either way follow your instincts and explore why in a safe space.

I have done readings where the person they were having issues with had killed them or was a slave owner and beat them. What happens in this kind of situation is that the person recognized the soul of the other person in this life time. This triggers the memory of the life time that they where together in. At that point we can look at what life lessons where the two of them working on together? What was the purpose of the memory? Getting answers to these questions can give a greater insight into what lesson or purpose must be finished in this life time. Or was it completed? Usually once the source of the fear or anxiety is identified and acknowledged then this will usually release the negative response.

There are also troublesome relationships within the family. I did one reading where a mother had two sons. The oldest son she had a very rocky relationship with, he was very aggressive and dominate with her. While the other one they connected on a deep level. Apparently, this was not their first lifetime as a family, but it was under much different dynamics. This explained the trouble and even though it did not make the relationship perfect there was acceptance and release.  I have seen very similar situations between married couples. They loved each other so much but they just could not get along. Past life issues just kept getting in the way.

Why look at past lives?

melrose-abbeyThe benefits of looking at your past lives when you have issues is to resolve and move on. It is important that there is an issue in this life time. There is no point in asking about something that happened fifty lifetimes ago, that one might have been a great one for you with out any issues. Remember the point of power is in this life. At this point you can you can get an idea of what the whole story is. Fears can be released, relationships can be put back into proper perspective so that everyone can move forward or move on with their lives.

At an Akashic Perspective when we take on different patterns and life circumstances. It is always our best idea, if we had a better one we would have done it. We also do not take on anything that will harm us, at the point of origins these things were to help us and protect us, and our loved ones. But at some point, they lived their purpose and it was time to let them go.

There is so much that we can talk about, but I am trying to keep this short. We will have other chats about past lives and maybe go into greater depth in different areas.

Questions to ask in your Akashic Records or your Intuitive self.

question mark

  • Have a issue that you want to ask about that is happening right now for you. Then ask where did this issue begin? If it was in a past life get a sense of who you where and what was going on around you.
  • How was this issue good for me? In what ways did it support or protect me?
  • If this issue is involving someone else you can ask if there was a specific lesson the two of you were working on together, and what it was? Is there something that the you need to do to see the full picture of the lesson.
  • Can I love myself even though I might have this issue for the rest of my life?


Kevin Jackson

I have been studying Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies. I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Healer, Visionary and Advanced Certified Teacher. I have done hundreds of readings spanning the globe. It has been a privilege and I am excited to continue helping people around the world find a perspective from their soul level truth.

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