Introducing the four elements

 What are the Elements?

elements Introducing the four elements of Earth, Water, Wind (air), and Fire. These are another great gift that we have embedded into our DNA. They have followed us around since the beginning of time. Through out our daily lives they are all around us. They are incorporated in just about all the healing modality’s as well as spiritual beliefs. In this blog I would like to begin to introduce you to them and then in later blogs we will look at them in more depth.

All four of the elements we have embedded into our human body. With out them we could not function, take any one of them away and we would die rather quickly. We also rely on the elements to keep each of us grounded. When we become distant from our grounding element we have a hard time dealing with our human experience. Each of the elements also are connected to our chakra’s, helping them to function at an optimal level.

Element of Earth

earthingEarth is the first element. It is associated to the root chakra, it is associated to the sense of smell. The root chakra connects us to the energy of the earth and the vibrations of the earth. Have you ever noticed when you are near a water fall or a vortex of some kind that the first place you feel it is your root chakra?

The chemical makeup of the earth is also part of our chemical makeup. Everything we depend to keep us alive is held within the earth. If your grounding element is earth, then it is a good idea to connect with the earth once a day if possible. Gardening is a good way to do this or going for a walk in the woods. There is also earthing groups you can join to connect to the earth as well.

Element of Water

element of water Water is the second element. It is associated with the sacral chakra and is associated with the sense of taste. This chakra governs creativity and reproduction. Water connects all that it comes into contact with and is self leveling. Water is a purifier and a carrier of life. It picks up bad or dangerous vibrations on you and carries them away. Our bodies can not live without water.

You can clean yourself of any vibrations that might be attached to you by taking a shower. Also clearing some crystals can be done by putting them under fresh running water, be careful with this as some crystals are water soluble. If water is your element for grounding spending time at the lake or sea shore is great for you. Also having a fish tank or water fall in your meditation room is a great idea.

Element of Fire

fire-elementFire is the third element. It is associated with the solar plexus and connects with the sense of sight. It is represented by the sun and is associated with energy. The solar plexus is also the point of our emotions, and much of our personality is determined through this center. You can also get a sense how fire and our emotions can be energised.

Fire is also a purifier, within the chakra it will purify the energies. Out in the world fire purifies the earth making way for new growth and rebirth. Fire within our bodies also is what gives us energy, it converts the nutrients into energy. If you are a fire sign you tend to be very active, you need to eat nutritious meals to stay healthy. If you are grounded by fire spending time in the sun is a good idea. Also spending time by the fireplace of campfires are good. Lots of candles around your home also is very helpful for you.

Element of Wind

The fourth element is wind (air). It is associated to the Heart chakra and connects to the sense of feeling. This is the transition chakra that moves from the physical to the spiritual. It connects the three lower chakras to the three higher ones. We also use the heart chakra to represent healing on a physical and emotional level. With this chakra we have the ability to love others and empathize with them.

The wind is also a purifier and life giver. It will carry away with it anything you want to let go off. The wind will carry things halfway around the world. If your grounding element is wind or air sitting out side in a wind or breeze can be very beneficial for you. People also drive with the car windows down or will have a fan going in their bedroom. People with air signs have a difficult time focusing of earthly thing and tend to have their heads in the clouds.

There is also an element of aether that is connected to the throat chakra. It is associated to communication. But we are not going to discuss that until another blog.

Relationship with the Akashia

You are probably wondering how all these elements are connected to the Akashic Records? Through out every life time our relationship with the elements have change. In one lifetime you might be dominant it a earth element with a little wind and the next might be opposite. They all change our perspective on how we view the world and how we grow spiritually.

Buy having a basic understanding of what elements you are dominant in will help you to stay present in your human experience. If you are going around with your head in the clouds, then you are not connected to the earth or people. On the other hand, if you are so grounded to the earth that you spend all your time in the forest. Then you are not connected to people. Try and see where you are and work towards finding that balance. Try incorporating some of the other elements to push your boundaries and comfort level. There is nothing saying once you have tried it that you can not go back. But you might just really like it to.


Questions to ask in your Akashic Records or your Intuition

question mark


  • What is my dominant element? Am I utilizing it to my highest good?
  • Are there any elements that are affecting my chakra’s in a negative way?
  • What can I do to strengthen these chakras using the elements?
  • Are there any issues from ancestral patterns or past lives that I need to look at in connection with the elements?
  • What is the one thing I can do to put into balance my dominant element?



Kevin Jackson

I have been studying Akashic Records through the Linda Howe Center For Akashic Studies. I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, Healer, Visionary and Advanced Certified Teacher. I have done hundreds of readings spanning the globe. It has been a privilege and I am excited to continue helping people around the world find a perspective from their soul level truth.

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